About us
HS-SAAE, established in May 28th, 1998 and listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange later in June (stock code 600151), is the first listed company with the name of “aerospace” in China. It is also a significant platform of industrialization for the aerospace technology application of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

Relying on the resources of central enterprises and gaining a firm grasp of development direction of the national strategic industry, HT - SAAE, after years of unremitting efforts, has already formed three industrial patterns of new energy PV, automotive thermal system and civil-military integration, created three major production and research bases in Shanghai, Inner Mongolia and Jiangsu and has five high-tech enterprises and seven national and provincial technology R&D centers.

HT-SAAE is mainly engaged in the integration of polysilicon, solar cells, battery packs and new "photovoltaic + energy storage" system; air conditioning system, EPS and other automotive electronic system products; R&D, production and sales of application products in the civil-military integration fields. It brands enjoys a wide reputation in the international and domestic markets, and has established strategic partnership with many world-renowned enterprises.

Adhering to the enterprise culture of Creating the Future Wholeheartedly, HT-SAAE has always been committed to development of the aerospace technology application industry, providing high-quality products and services for China and even the world as a whole, and striving to create "a high-quality listed company featuring sustainable development, social responsibility and reasonable returns to shareholders". On top of scientific development, HT-SAAE actively fulfills the global social responsibility of energy conservation and environmental protection and aims to create a better future for mankind featuring sustainable development.
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